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Representation in official procedures, data provision

Preparation, start-up, continuation, sustention and closure of certain activities, investments and environmental usage are bound by official (Environmental-, Nature conservancy-, Water Authority) authorization, approval, data provision or registration.

Based on the permissive and monitoring power of the Authority certain approval procedures may be lengthy, the start and continuation of certain activities can be made contingent on terms which implementation included neither in the financial nor in the time-schedule.

The Authority may impose fines regarding the activities.

They can suspend or even prohibit carrying out activities already started or in progress.

We pursue our activity in order to carry out proceedings smoothly, getting permits in time, and that our clients comply with their different data provisionary and record registering obligations

Performing environmental representative tasks

The employment of an environmental representative and in which activities an environmental representative needs to be employed are regulated by the Government Decree No 93/1996 (VII.4.) on the determination of environmental usage subject to conditions of the employment of an environmental representative.

We undertake comprehensively to fulfill all environmental representative duties prescribed by the regulation.

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Keeping record of official deadlines, and carrying out necessary procedures

Certain activities can only be pursued when possessing different licenses. These licenses contain deadlines and regulations to be fulfilled on schedule.

We undertake to follow and keep record of deadlines defined in the licenses as well as the fulfilment of necessary procedures.

We maintain a united infrastructure which is able to serve the needs of authorities and customers integrated. Our filing system meets the requirements of Authorities, together with the fact that it is capable to interact with our clients’ individual business systems.

Assistance in second-level lawsuits/appeal proceedings/


Preparation, keeping records and submission of environmental protection, water management data retrievals, declarations, and statements

In addition to the preparation of data retrieval concerning water resources contribution, declarations, record keeping and data retrieval of waste management, data sheets concerning surface water and groundwater we undertake the preparation of monitoring reports regulated by the authorities, its submission to the Authorities and paying attention to the concerning deadlines.

Audit of companies regarding environmental protection

We review...

site permissions,

  • IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention),
  • Water rights authorizations,
  • Waste management authorizations (hazardous/non-hazardous),
  • Air quality protection authorizations,
  • Noise pollution authorizations,

as well as those validity, regulations, limit values, official prescriptions and obligations concerning data provision.

Decisions relating to remediation

  • regarding environmental usage (fact-finding,
  • regarding the preparation of an intervention plan,

and the harmonization of the above mentioned with the legal rules in force.

Monitoring regulatory changes

We continuously follow the changes in legislation regarding environmental protection, nature conservancy and water management. Our colleagues participate in continuous, repeated and actual trainings – on which they can conciliate both with legislative preparers and appliers of the regulations.

Upon request we undertake to monitor the changes in environmental, nature conservancy, water management rules in order to meet the requirements of the legislative duties concerning certain companies.