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About us

Aqualex Ltd. offers reliable help and professional background for its clients based on the more than one and a half decade long knowledge and experience acquired during Environmental and Water Authority practice. Our services suit the given technologies and circumstances required by our clients, as we compile the complete environmental, waste management and water rights approval design documentation as well as we help to perform the administrational procedures and offer throughout consulting in the given scope.

We are available to our partners from the beginning of the planning until the end of the approval procedure, and later also during operation, while carrying out the approved activity.


To be successful in our work we are constantly monitoring the changes in the relevant legislation.

We share our knowledge acquired during the wide range of work in the concerned sector – environmental protection, water management, waste management, nature conservancy -. We have access to good practices, which we realize and apply.

We maintain a united infrastructure, which is able to serve the needs of the authorities and customers integrated.

We strive to constantly utilize the synergies arising through resembling and similar tasks.